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From Intention to Action

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iWrc Strategic Framework

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Our Process

Three Steps to Inclusivity

iWrc is an ecosystem of teamwork, relationships and cooperative stakeholders as an organizational catalyst for the creation of opportunity for which the largest stakeholder is our planet. We promote a full chain of custody and transparency and are building a scalable model for the global community from the ground up. Partners capitalize on each member’s strengths and resources, promote full

accountability and further support the advancement of social inclusion, environmental improvement and business growth.  The interdependent relationships built within our ecosystem achieve mutual social, environmental and economic goals. From individuals who collect and sort recyclables to global corporations, each participant is a critical stakeholder to the outcome of the whole.

Verify aspirations to address waste and inclusivity challenges match up w/the means to do so

Informed on a cooperative(s) challenges related to their people and their product 

Understand what support is needed and the current level of ambition and  ‘buy-in’ of relevant and important stakeholders

Go/No Go decision if iWrc can help and proceeding to prepare cooperative(s) to join a growing base of IR2suppliers

Ensure cooperative(s) readiness to enter the formal IR2 supply base

Improved health, safety and well-being for the cooperative members

Professionalized cooperative operation and management

Routinely plan for demand

Enhanced product quality

Creating a materials marketplace for IR2

Stabilized income for the cooperative through commercial connection(s) adding them to the formal economy

Increased the supply of IR2 by adding new cooperatives to the supply base

Increase the demand for IR2 by solving EPR requirements

Inclusive nature of the IR2 reduces continuity risk and enhances resiliency of the supply base